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Novalis Mobile Sales and Merchandiser


Novalis Mobile Sales is designed for the Pocket PC specifically with the sales representative and merchandiser in mind. It displays a full screen colour GUI (Graphical User Interface) in a format that is easy on the eye and is user-friendly.

Created using industry standard software development tools, this application is based on off-the-shelf components and utilises the maximum potential of the Pocket PC and WindowsCE operating system.
Mobile Sales brings to your Salesforce a small 'Pocket' solution, without a large capital investment and, with VirtualSales experience and support, will add measurable cost/benefit analysis to your Sales and Marketing efforts.
Mobile Sales allows your merchandisers and sales force, working in the area of pre-sales, to take and transmit orders and keep helpful customer information. Designed for speed, efficiency, accuracy and reliability the Mobile Sales program allows the Sales Representative or Merchandiser to take orders using basic WindowsCE functions, namely 'click' or 'tap'. Technical knowledge of computer or WindowsCE functions is not necessary.

Running under a WindowsCE operating system, the display is similar to that of other commonly used WindowsCE-based applications.
So, adjusting to the use of Mobile Sales is easy because there is less training, less downtime and a shorter implementation cycle making it a more cost-effective solution.
Menus, tabs and buttons make Mobile Sales an application that even a novice computer user can quickly come to grips with. The colour display GUI (Graphical User Interface) makes Mobile Sales an application that is pleasant to work with and allows the sales rep or merchandiser to recognise, at a glance, the screen currently viewed.
Simple menus, buttons and tabs make screen navigation effortless with clear defined labels.

Displayed as the start up screen, the Main Menu gives access to the main functions of Customer Ops, Comms, Daily Admin and the application Settings. Details of customers, including customer code, name and address, are displayed in a table using a quick-find alphabetic menu.
Further information, including phone, fax and postal address details, are displayed with two taps of the screen. Accounts Receivable (AR) particulars, specifically credit limits and outstanding credit amounts, are also displayed with a single tap. Notes can be made by the sales rep in relation to a customer or other general matter.

These are for his benefit and serve as timely reminders when contacting the customer, dealing with a product item or any other situation that may need attention.
The principle function of the Mobile Sales software is to allow the sales representative or merchandiser to take a customer order, or record critical stock information, and then send it on for processing.
Along with order taking, the application also displays the orders taken for that day and whether they have been sent or not. Returns and free goods are also accounted for in this function with predetermined reasons being offered for selection.



Novalis Super Sales

Novalis Super Sales is designed for companies requiring the maximum information return from their sales staff with minimum effort. Returning data to a host system for analysis, your sales manager can better predict product demands and competitive strategies remaining ahead of the competition.

Added operations of Trade Assets, Planograms, Merchandising Stock Counting and full diary driven functionality. Super Sales capitalises on the power of the PC processor to support your sales team in their sales & marketing strategies.



Novalis Road Sales


Novalis Road Sales has the versatility of your office in your pocket.
Carry with you all your customer details and product lines on a palm-sized PC that you literally carry in your pocket.

Take an order and upload it to your office bound PC on your return. Or, using GSM Telecom's GPRS protocol, you can connect to your PC via mobile phone and have real time updates of your information.
Road Sales brings mobility in a small 'Pocket' solution, without a large capital investment and, with VirtualSales' experience and support, will add measurable benefits to your sales efforts. Do away with those paper records and order forms and hold up-to-date information on one easy to use palm-sized PC.

The ability to interface and synchronise with Back office adds a further dimension to this small but powerful application.



Novalis Sales Administrator


Novalis Sales Adminstrator is the administration gateway that acts as the interface between the sales force application and the primary accounting application of your business. It is the back-office application that you use to process your data.

Data is transmitted by proven communication means via normal landline or over the Telecom or GPRS and Internet.

Novalis Sales Adminstrator then processes this data into a file format or direct to your database ready for your financial and/or warehousing procedure.

Prior to any commitment on your part, our consultants are available and willing to assist in the Cost-Benefit Analysis to justify and verify the benefits available through our products and services.



Novalis Sales Backoffice


Sales Backoffice has a myriad of functions and allows your sales force and managers, working in the area of pre-sales and sales with reports and all data from fild, to; take look and transmit orders and all data POS database administration and work display sales presentations review sales order history and keep helpful customer information visits history, out of stock, POS and sales reports.